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Hot Waxing 

This is a quick, long lasting way of removing hair all over the body. This treatment removes even the shortest of hairs and dead skin cells, leaving an exfoliating effect. As hair is removed from the root, waxing can last up to 8 weeks, and feels a lot smoother than shaving or hair removal creams. When the hair grows back, it is a lot softer. Hot waxing works well on all hair types, even the most coarse and thicker hairs. Hot wax is able to grab the hairs and not be as painful as warm wax. We offer an organic, vegan friendly wax.

Eyelash Extensions

This is a treatment were individual lashes are applied directly to your own lashes, making them appear much thicker and longer and yet still so natural. There are different types of lashes which can applied, each giving their own effect, whether it be thickness, length, curl or even colour! These lashes can feel completely weightless as they give a natural look, which could last up to 2 months. The lashes do not touch the skin and are completely safe. The amount of lashes added depends on each individual person.

Eyelash Lift and Tint (Lift Volume Length/ LVL)

Similar to eyelash perming, this treatment make your lashes appear to be longer, with a natural curl and more defined. This treatment can last up to 8 weeks. By adding tint to the lashes, you will no longer need to wear mascara as your lashes will appear bolder and thicker. This is perfect alternative for you if you already have longer lashes or oily skin and don't want eyelash extensions, but want your natural lashes to appear longer and thicker.

Eyebrow Extensions

This is fabulous treatment which allows your eyebrows to look fuller, thicker and yet still so natural. The perfect shape for you will be achieved by adding single hairs to your eyebrows or skin helping to create the right shape for you. Eyebrow extensions can last up to 2 - 4 weeks depending on your own hair life cycle and maintenance.

Our Services

Browse our services below

Eyebrow Wax and Tint

This treatment is for those that just want to have their own eyebrows tidied up and and coloured. Hot wax is used to remove the unwanted hair from the area, helping to achieve the perfect natural brow. Eyebrows are tinted to make the eyebrows appear darker and fuller. Like Eyelash Lift and Tint, this treatment is perfect or those who wish to keep their own natural eyebrows, but wish to neaten and have their features enhances.